Thank you for being discerning and choosing a bed from Hyder Beds and we wish to express our appreciation by offering you the very best product warranty.

Our manufacturing warranty is governed by the comfort layer you have chosen to sleep on from the originator’s manufacturer and all applications will only be acknowledged with a copy of the receipt from your retailer.

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Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. Parties

1.1. “the Company”, “us”, “we” or “our” shall mean HYDER BEDS Limited of Bradford Street, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, WF13 1 EN (08096918)

1.2. “the Customer”, “you” or “your” shall mean the customer whom has purchased a bed manufactured by Hyder Beds LTD.

1.3. “the Product” or “Goods” means the product which the customer has bought through a registered retailer of the Company.

1.4. “the Retailer” is the registered company who Hyder Beds Limited have given permission to sell the Goods.

  1. Extended Warranty

2.1. For your warranty to remain valid you must provide a purchase receipt of the Product.

2.2. The extended warranty covers the costs of repairing or replacing the Product or any part of the Product.

2.3. If in the unlikely event of the Product being e_ected by a manufacturing defect within the first 2 years you should contact the Retailer who will assist you with your complaint.

2.4. Any replacement, repair or refund  within the first 1 years can only be obtained from your retailer under their terms and conditions.

2.5. This extended warranty is only valid from more than 1 years and less than 5 years of the purchase of the Product, provided you have returned to us a warranty registration form within 5 years of purchase of the product.

2.6. The Company will repair or replace the Product or the damaged part of the Product subject to the Customer paying a pro-rata usage charge, which is based on the length of time you have had the Product and the Recommended Retail Price of the product on the date of purchase. The contributions you shall be required to make shall be as followed:

Contribution Contribution

Time since Purchase from the customer from the Company

1st Year 0% 100%

2nd Year 20% 80%

3rd Year 40% 60%

4th Year 60% 40%

5th Year 80% 20%

2.7. After the 5th Year from your ‘proven’ date of purchase your warranty will become expired.

2.8. The ‘proven’ date should be stated on the receipt from the retailer, for your warranty to be valid we require the receipt to be shown when making any claims.

  1. Making a Claim

3.1. To claim under this warranty please contact us on the address below giving full details regarding the defect including your contact details and a copy of the receipt from the retailer.

3.2. We will then contact you regarding the matter, we will then discuss if a replacement or repair of the product will be made available.

Whether the Product is repaired or replaced will be at the sole discretion of Hyder Beds Ltd.

3.3. If the Product is to be repaired it will be at the cost price of the repair.

If the Product is to be replaced it will be at the recommended retail price set by Hyder Beds Ltd on the date of replacement. Hyder Beds Limited will inform you of the cost prior to any actions been taken.

3.4. If you would like to proceed with the claim you are required to pay your contribution in full prior to any actions being taken.

  1. Exclusions

4.1. Before we repair or replace the Product under this warranty the Product must be returned to Hyder Beds Limited.

4.2. Hyder Beds Limited reserves the right to deny replacement or repairing of the Product if:

4.2.1. Where it is soiled or in an unsanitary condition; or

4.2.2. Where the defect is due to causes of material or manufacturing faults; or

4.2.3. Where the mattress is used on an unsuitable base

4.3. Due to constant quest for improving of the Hyder Beds product line, the company regret that when repairing or replacing the product we must reserve the right to use a di_erent specifications or materials which may not match other items in a set.

  1. General Provisions

5.1. The warranty applies only to you only and may not be transferred.

5.2. This warranty will be governed by English Law

Nothing in this warranty affects your statutory rights.