Cassini 5000

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Natural luxury; the Cassini 5000 comprises of sumptuous layers of the finest natural materials –lamb’s wool, cashmere and silk. These come together to create an amazing feel.

Not only is this nice to the touch, but this combination is excellent at dispersing moisture. This helps keep you warm in the winter, yet cool during those hot summer nights.

Natural Organic

Our natural organic mattress boasts a non-toxic design. So, you can sleep easy knowing your bed’s free of harmful chemicals and synthetic materials — unsurprisingly, the fabric breaths incredibly well, making it excellent for keeping you fresh during the summer, but snug in the winter.

The mix of natural fibres and deep polyester wadding enhances your comfort for a luxurious and well-deserved sleep. The same wadding also helps to disperse your body weight, provide insulation, and add longevity to the ‘plumpness’ of the mattress.

On a similar note, the soft-to-medium firmness of the Cassini 5000 is excellent for sleepers suffering from lower back pain. Experts claim that mattresses that are too firm (and likewise too spongy) fail to provide your neck and lower back with the support it needs. Rest assured, you won’t have this problem with this mattress’ soft-to-medium firmness.

The natural-stretch fabric encases the mattress along all of its edges and runs across the side stitched border. Not only does this look glorious, but it also offers unparalleled durability.

Last but not least, this mattress also boasts a combination of springs. A core pocket is layered with mini pockets, which work in harmony together to offer an exquisite feeling of luxury and support.

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