Product Care

Airing your mattress

Our mattresses are made to order & are sealed in protective packaging at time of manufacture. Initial odours are common once this is removed & are quite normal – these can include a chemical or damp & musty smell. We advise you to let your mattress air in a well ventilated room once unpacked; regular airing allows the mattress to breathe – air circulating through the mattress & its fillings will help to keep it fresh & odour-free.

The surface of your mattress may feel damp when unpacked; this is due to the fire retardant coating on the fabric, which is salt based, absorbing moisture from the air prior to packing & causing condensation to form. This is unavoidable as we are required to use this coating to comply with UK Fire Regulations, however the feeling of damp should disappear once aired as above.

Maintaining your mattress

It is important to turn your mattress regularly – we recommend you turn it each time you change your bedding; this will ensure body weight is applied evenly across the entire surface & will prolong the life of the mattress. For non-turn mattresses you should still rotate your mattress (top to bottom) regularly to ensure an even sleeping surface.

Use a mattress protector to protect from wear & tear and guard against marks & stains; this will help to prolong the life of the mattress & maintain its appearance.

Do not use chemical or detergent cleaners as these may adversely affect the covering, the stitching & the fillings. In case of soiling, the mattress may be lightly sponged with a weak solution of soap & water. Excessive wetting can damage the fabric.

Do not stand or jump on the mattress or sit on the sides for prolonged periods as this will cause uneven wear.

Natural settlement

Your mattress is made with various fillings which will settle in time & compress to varying degrees. This is not a defect & is quite normal. Compression of upholstery materials of less than 4.5cm is within acceptable industry standards by FIRA (dependent on age of mattress) & should not be considered a fault. Natural fillings are subject to settlement to a greater degree & may result in uneven wear & tear in places this is also considered normal and can be reduced by regularly rotating the mattress.

Your mattress will also soften after a period of time, particularly in the areas where you lie – this is natural softening (sometimes classed as dipping) & is not classed as a defect.

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