About us

Situated in Yorkshire, Hyder Beds Ltd is an inventive organization that boasts more than 30 years of experience. In that time, we’ve mastered the art of bed-making and as such, are leaders in this competitive industry.

Our philosophy centres on quality.

This vision was borne out of a longing to create the optimum dozing solace. We’re a small family firm. But don’t let our size fool you because our legacy is impressive.

But, we still want to do more.

For us, this means continually creating the best possible products and being ready to change with the times. This is what drives us to keep innovating our work.

Our stock is vast, to say the least.

It comprises of both ostentatious and reasonable mattresses, headboards, divan, bed frames and accessories. It doesn’t matter what structure, style, or specification you’re after, we’re bound to find something that meets your needs.

We’ve worked hard to consolidate both traditional and cutting-edge technology to provide you with a premium finish.

Rest assured, we only use top-notch British workmanship. So, you can be sure you’ll get excellent value for money. We won’t be beaten on quality. Every one of our divans and sleeping cushions is fastidiously hand-created. Not to mention, made from the most exclusive materials, so you can be confident they’ll stand the test of time.

It’s for all these reasons that we garner customer loyalty, regardless of how big or small their order is.

Our Vision

We have a straightforward mission: ‘to produce the ultimate in sleeping comfort.’ But, for us, this is so much more than just a hollow philosophy or a fancy slogan we hang on the walls.

Instead, this mission literally drives everything we do, it’s for this reason we prioritise research and development.
Our love of designing top-notch beds and mattresses is fuelled by a very simple need: to get a better night’s sleep.
Though most people don’t spend their days thinking about beds and mattresses, almost everyone has an ‘ideal mattress’ in mind. Rest assured, the majority of these hallmarks are found in our beds.

We boast a “rightness” of design.

Well, by avoiding the fussy and whimsically fashionable. Instead, we just offer the highest standards of comfort and visual appeal.

With over 30 years of experience, here at Hyder Beds Ltd, we’ve mastered the art of designing and crafting the perfect bed.

We’re a small family business, but don’t be fooled by our size. We’ve managed to create a mighty legacy, and we intend to keep it that way. We’re committed to moving with the times by continually innovating our products. From mattresses to headboards, and divan to bed-frames — we’ve got you covered.

It doesn’t matter whether you favour the traditional or want a mattress brimming with all the latest tech, you can be confident that our talented craftspeople will cater to your needs.

That’s our guarantee.

Eco Friendly

In our quest to deliver the ultimate in sleeping comfort, we strive to keep our impact on the planet to a minimum.
In fact, it’s our mission to do our bit to protect the environment.


Well, the materials we use to produce and manufacture our beds are all organic, re-useable or recycled.

We take eco-friendliness seriously. From organic, toxin-free fertilizer to using recycled packaging, and everything else in between, we pay attention to every environmental detail. So, you can rest easy knowing you support a company fighting for a better world.

You might also be interested to hear that when it comes to packaging our products, we adopt a unique ‘roll pack’ system. This works wonders for reducing the amount of packaging we use and the number of vehicles needed to transport our goods.

Last but not least, we never use nasty chemicals during processing. This isn’t only good for the environment, but it’s also great for your skin too — what’s not to love about that?


Here at Hyder Beds, we’re recognized for championing quality. From the very first day that we launched, striving for excellence has always been at the forefront of our minds.

In addition to standing by traditional British craftsmanship, our accreditations and prizes recognize our dedication to innovation and environmental sustainability. We follow a strict code to ensure we always produce a well-thought-out product that ticks all the boxes.