In our quest to deliver the ultimate in sleeping comfort, we strive to keep our impact on the planet to a minimum.
In fact, it’s our mission to do our bit to protect the environment.
Well, the materials we use to produce and manufacture our beds are all organic, re-useable or recycled.
We take eco-friendliness seriously. From organic, toxin-free fertilizer to using recycled packaging, and everything else in between, we pay attention to every environmental detail. So, you can rest easy knowing you support a company fighting for a better world.
You might also be interested to hear that when it comes to packaging our products, we adopt a unique ‘roll pack’ system. This works wonders for reducing the amount of packaging we use and the number of vehicles needed to transport our goods.
Last but not least, we never use nasty chemicals during processing. This isn’t only good for the environment, but it’s also great for your skin too — what’s not to love about that?