plied with time-honoured workmanship allows for greater support giving an unrestricted nights sleep.

Orthopaedic Spring Unit which helps support the spine and back muscles and aids to relieve back and body pain. Further strengthened by a thick rod-edge wire to the perimeter that allows you sleep right up to the edge without the sensation of rolling off.

The combination layers of wadding and fillings give a more sumptuous feel. The extra padding helps to dispel your body weight and alleviate body strain, provide insulation and add longevity to the ‘plumpness’ of the mattress.

A resilient and attractive quality damask fabric encases the mattress on both sides, including the border, providing durability and quality protection.
Hand tufted buttons helps to compress and hold the fillings firmly giving the mattress extra strength and a firmer feel.
Also available in a white damask and a tartan damask fabric.