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<p>Natural Luxury; consisting of sumptuous layers of the finest natural materials, lambs wool, cashmere and silk for an amazing feel. They not only offer superior comfort but they are excellent for moisture dispersion and naturally keeps you warm and snug in winter, but cooler on summer nights.</p>
<p>The combination of natural fibres and deep polyester wadding enhances the comfort level to give a luxurious feel and it also helps to dissipate your body weight, provide insulation and adds longevity to the ‘plumpness’ of the mattress.</p>
<p>The luxury viscose fabric adds to the level of comfort as it encases the mattress on all sides, added to the side stitched border finish resulting in a glorious look and durability.</p>
<p>The multiple layers of fillings work in harmony with individually pocketed springs (eliminating roll) offering an exquisite feeling of comfort and support.</p>
<p>Also available in a gold damask fabric.</p>
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