“Sleeping on a Cloud”; a combination of luxury materials offers a high degree of comfort with optimum support and durability. Built in two parts; a luxurious super-soft pillow top is attached to the support section, designed to ensure a great night’s sleep.

Layers of sumptuous upholstery made from ‘Natural Fibres’ (wool, cotton) is permanently stitched upon the mattress giving a luxurious super soft pillow top.

Premium quality damask fabric around the border and a soft stretch fabric top, traditionally hand tufted and side stitched to give it more durability, extra strength and protection.

Multiple layers of fillings with the side stitched border gives a more sumptuous feel, provides insulation and adds longevity to the ‘plumpness’ of the mattress.

Individual pocket spring adds to a softer feel by eliminating roll and working independently of the springs surrounding it.