Serenity and relaxation; the lavish silk takes you into a peaceful and comfortable slumber.

The instant response of the deep layer of premium quality memory foam cradles you in exquisite luxury whilst offering a high degree of pressure point relief. This beautifully ingenuous extra deep memory foam mattress has been designed to provide lavish comfort and supreme opulence.
The plush 2 way stretch silk fabric and the side stitched cotton border finish results in a glorious look at the same time superbly supports and offers comfort in all the right places.

The harmony is maintained with your body by the individually nested pocketed springs, ensures that you feel the benefit and comfort of the support system from the moment you get into bed to the time you get up.


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<p>Natural Luxury; consisting of sumptuous layers of the finest natural materials, lambs wool, cashmere and silk for an amazing feel. They not only offer superior comfort but they are excellent for moisture dispersion and naturally keeps you warm and snug in winter, but cooler on summer nights.</p>
<p>The combination of natural fibres and deep polyester wadding enhances the comfort level to give a luxurious feel and it also helps to dissipate your body weight, provide insulation and adds longevity to the ‘plumpness’ of the mattress.</p>
<p>The luxury viscose fabric adds to the level of comfort as it encases the mattress on all sides, added to the side stitched border finish resulting in a glorious look and durability.</p>
<p>The multiple layers of fillings work in harmony with individually pocketed springs (eliminating roll) offering an exquisite feeling of comfort and support.</p>
<p>Also available in a gold damask fabric.</p>
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Symbol of elegance and nobility by kings and royals; special blend of cashmere and viscose yarns provide you with an exotic night’s sleep. The unique spiral structure helps to control and regulate temperature at required levels (keeping warm in winter and its fibre structure allows for comfortable use in summer).

The instant response of the deep layer of memory foam delivers an immediate sense of comfort and a consistent level of pressure-relieving support throughout the night.

2 row hand stitch border gives a complete and absolute edge to edge support and prevents the side panels from bellying out.
The multiple layers of fillings which work in harmony with individually pocketed springs (eliminating roll) and held securely in place by large woollen tufts provide an exquisite feeling of comfort and support.



Feel the amazing comfort of natural latex, which provides flexible spinal support to ensure a perfect sleeping posture with pressure point relief that helps eliminate tossing and turning.

Natural Latex has inherent anti-bacterial qualities and with the growing consciousness for green living, is becoming a conscientious option. Latex has an instant rebound property and recovers as soon as you move to a different area and doesn’t require body heat to be effective and doesn’t retain heat.

Latex stretch fabric caresses the body’s curves and moves in tandem with the latex foam. It is soft, cool, and breathable with a 4-way stretch.
2 row hand stitch border gives a complete and absolute edge to edge support and prevents the side panels from bellying out.
Pocket spring gives a softer feel and eliminates roll, with individual springs contained in a fabric pocket.
Available in hand tufted or a micro-quilted panel.



“Sleeping on a Cloud”; a combination of luxury materials offers a high degree of comfort with optimum support and durability. Built in two parts; a luxurious super-soft pillow top is attached to the support section, designed to ensure a great night’s sleep.

Layers of sumptuous upholstery made from ‘Natural Fibres’ (wool, cotton) is permanently stitched upon the mattress giving a luxurious super soft pillow top.

Premium quality damask fabric around the border and a soft stretch fabric top, traditionally hand tufted and side stitched to give it more durability, extra strength and protection.

Multiple layers of fillings with the side stitched border gives a more sumptuous feel, provides insulation and adds longevity to the ‘plumpness’ of the mattress.

Individual pocket spring adds to a softer feel by eliminating roll and working independently of the springs surrounding it.