Dream nights; experience undisturbed sleep with this smart visco latex foam that distributes your weight and pressure evenly as it moulds to your body for pressure point relief.

The combination foam helps to keep the shoulders and hips in alignment by moulding to the shape of your body contours without the need of heat. It has an instant rebound property and recovers as soon as you move to a different area of the mattress giving a high degree of relief to your body.

Anti-static stretch fabric caresses the body’s curves and moves in tandem with the foam, with enduring properties that gives it strength and durability, yet it’s soft, cool, and breathable.

Layers of deep polyester fillings give a more sumptuous feel, insulation and longevity to the mattress.
Orthopaedic Spring unit works in harmony with a thick rod edge to give strength and support to the spine and back muscles and aids back and body pain.