Correct spinal support is vital, however, without comfort sleep offers little benefit.

Mattresses are upholstered to offer comfort to the sleeper - soft fillings mould to body shape and allow muscles to relax, helping to prevent restricted blood flow caused by pressure points.

Most high quality mattresses are upholstered with loose fibres (hair, lambs wool, cotton, silk, etc). These mattresses have tufts (cords that pass though the mattress) to keep all the fibre in place, preventing migration to the edges. An indication of the quality of the mattress is if it is  'hand side stitched'. This is where the border is sewn to the internal spring unit by hand, helping to strengthen it. Millbrook Contract Beds hand side stitches in time honoured tradition, but has also developed a method of machine side stitching that is more economical for lower priced mattresses.

Those people who suffer from allergies or asthma should look out for hypo-allergenic or anti-bacterial/microbial fillings, such as latex.