Eco friendly

In our quest to produce the ultimate sleeping comfort we believe in doing this with smallest impact on the planet. In fact, we want to look after the planet at the same time. That’s why all the materials we use in production and manufacturing are organic, re-useable or recycled.

From organic fertilizer to recycled packaging we pay attention to all the little details so you can sleep easy. As well as using the unique ‘roll pack’ system to reduce the amount of packaging needed and vehicles to transport them, we closely monitor all delivery vehicles to ensure a more eco friendly fleet. The non toxic fertilizers and lack of nasty chemicals used in processing means we are looking after your skin too.

Quality; at all price levels

This mission extends throughout our range and brands from core & budget range of beds & mattresses, known as Hyder Beds Brand & Superior Beds Brand. We believe that all our brands can have quality features and materials to ensure durability. They’re also put through the most rigorous quality and durability testing in the industry, ensuring consumers to sleep better.

Best in luxury beds & mattresses

Our commitment to producing the ultimate sleeping comfort extends to our Savile Bed range of luxury beds & mattresses. This luxury bed & mattress brand, The Savile Bed Company beds & mattresses are made by craftsmen who build every bed & mattress with extraordinary attention to detail using the finest materials in the world. Each craftsman personally signs a craftsman card that’s included with every mattress - demonstrating their own personal commitment to the ultimate sleeping comfort.

Our Vision

We have a very simple mission: No Frills, Just Facts, producing the ultimate sleeping comfort. It's so much more than just a hollow philosophy or something we hang on the walls. This mission literally drives everything we do. It's for this reason that we emphasise so much research and development.

The process of designing better beds & mattresses starts from the inside out. With people like you who have a very simple need: to get a better night's sleep. Though most people don't spend their days thinking about beds & mattresses, almost everyone has a suggestion or two. And the best suggestions can often be found within our beds.

Founding Principles


·         Our customers are the best informants about their needs.

·         Assist customers to know what their choices are, based on their needs and specifications.

·         Customers want to know they can trust the company has high standards.

·         We believe customers often need beds and/or mattresses in a timely manner, so we promise, and follow through, with Fast and efficient delivery.

·         We will listen to your questions and provide you with quality answers so you can make informed choices.

·         We will be honest, fair, and respectful.

·         We will be reliable.

·         We will offer you a choice of beds and mattresses options.

About Hyder Beds Ltd

Hyder Bed Ltd was born through the infusion of 3 small bedding companies added to it experienced management with years in the industry. Though in its infancy, this newly formed family business is fast developing and punching above its weight.

Based in Dewsbury on the outskirts of Leeds, (the heartland of the Bedding Manufacturing Industry) producing traditional handcrafted beds and mattresses, combining traditional techniques and craftsmanship with the state of the art technology and design. In our quest to be the best, all our beds and mattresses are meticulously hand-crafted to enhance their individual character. The finest materials are used to ensure the greatest comfort and traditional hand-finishing helps extend the life of the bed. Overall, a "rightness" of design, avoiding both the fussy, or whimsically fashionable, and yet offering the highest standards in visual appeal.

As a matter of pride that here the company manufacture, display and distribute their comprehensive range of products direct to the trade as well as an increasing number of bespoke, tailor-made beds that are being manufactured specifically for clients such as specialist retail/internet stores nationwide.